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Tanacetum vulgare, common tansy. Button like flower scented like camphor and rosemary. Great compagnon plant for cucumbers and squash and roses.

yellow tansy flowers
Tansy leaf

Common tansy looks similar to the unwanted tansy ragwort – senecio Jacobaea a weed toxic to cattle and horses, the yellow button flowers are similar to the aromatic green leaved santolina rosmarinifolia or silver foliage santolina chamaecyparissus.

Tansy is derived from the greek word athanasia meaning immortality in reference to the flower which can be kept dried for a long time. Tanacetum vulgare – the common tansy is from the same family as feverfew – Tanacetum parthenium, the citrus scented leaves are an excellent insect repellent and traditionally used to treat migraines and inflammatory conditions.

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